The Vineyard

1935020_159153786632_5351840_nThe Finca El Paraíso is located in the north of San Rafael, Mendoza, in an area often protected from the fierce hail which frequently hits the charming southern towns of the province.
My main objective is to produce fine wine. Ever since I bought the finca, I began pruning the vines short in order to strengthen them, opting for quality rather than quantity. I use the «double Guyot» pruning method. With a dry climate, a wide temperature range, and a controlled irrigation system, our vineyard produces exceptionally healthy and tasty grapes.


532847_10150685293271633_1490819832_nFrom the first days of the possession of the property, in June 2008, I began to cut very short plants to make their vigor, and especially focus on the quality of some grapes.